Graduate Course

Graduate Course

Scholarships will be available for students with the highest marks after the completion of Semester 1!


This goal of this course is to support students in their efforts to work creatively within the field of iconography by creating their own compositions. At this level, it is assumed that students have already completed the first two courses and are thus already familiar with the basic principles of Byzantine painting. Since students have already had experience in the reproduction of icons, they are now called upon to create their own compositions, either on classic themes (e.g. The Crucifixion, Presentation at the Temple and the Transfiguration), or on themes that have not yet been painted, such as lives of the saints, or rare Biblical or hymnographic themes.

Exercises include both drawing and painting (egg tempera with underpainting).

Students work closely with their instructors throughout the course by submitting their exercises, which are promptly returned with corrections, comments and suggestions.

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