Independent Workshops

As a means to enrich it's core curriculum, Iconography Today offers various independent courses in technique and theory, as well as courses on the history and aesthetics of Byzantine art. These courses are taught by George Kordis and other experienced specialists from Greece and abroad who are affiliated with Iconography Today.

We also offer an opportunity to supplement learning with pre-recorded sessions of LIVE classes that follow a specific icon by subject as listed below (Christ and the Samaritan woman, etc.).


  1. Preparation of Surfaces and Boards for Iconography – Gilding (Water Gilding - with English subtitles)
  2. Christ and the Samaritan woman (Teaching by George Kordis In English – 5 Videos – 8:23 Hours)
  3. The Parable of the Judgement (Teaching by George Kordis In English – 4 Videos – 7:10 Hours)
  4. The Sacrifice of Abraham (Teaching by George Kordis In English – 4 Videos – 6:56 Hours)
  5. Virgin Mary (Teaching by George Kordis In English – 4 Videos – 6:43 Hours)

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