Kordis In-Person Worskshops

In-Person Workshops

George Kordis is pleased to offer educational opportunities for students from all over the world to come and study with him in person. From courses held at his Eikonourgia Institute of Contemporary Iconography in Athens, Greece to various international destinations in the U.S. (Los Angeles, Connecticut, Williamsburg), as well as Canada, Denmark and Brazil, experiencing a class in person with the master’s instruction is invaluable for all students of iconography.

Learning directly from Dr. Kordis has been a life-changing creative and inspirational highlight for many people studying the practice of iconography. His teaching style is both gentle and encouraging while being clear and deeply engaged in the individual strengths and skills of each student to make for an optimum learning experience. These in-person workshops extend over the course of between five to ten days, depending on the workshop focus, and also are a wonderful opportunity to be engaged in a dedicated community of fellow students of iconography.

Dr. Kordis has a passion and decades of experience for sharing the beauty of writing (painting) icons as a true master of the creative and contemplative process, with a gentle way of leading both beginners and more advanced students deeper into the skills and creative artistry for creating beautiful Christian icons rooted in the Byzantine tradition.

Writing the Light (www.writingthelight.com) is an exclusive website for access to further detailed information regarding the workshops that are currently active and open for registration worldwide. Although this past year has slowed the in-person workshops, the inaugural 10-day Kordis Summer Icon School held both in Athens at his Eikonourgia studio space and at the Orthodox Academy of Crete is planning to be in session this coming summer 2021 (it cancelled last year due to the pandemic).

Plans are underway for travel to the U.S. in the upcoming months for teaching other workshops as well. Please make sure to join the mailing list at www.writingthelight.com to receive specifics on these programs and the most up-to-date opportunities. More information and registration for all of the in-person educational offerings can be found on the Writing the Light website.
All in-person workshops will follow safety protocol as necessary by the governing authorities in the respective workshop locations to assure the health and well-being for all students.

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