Live Virtual Painting

‘’Creative Iconography 2024-25’’

~ The academic year runs from September until the end of May, welcoming students at any time into the program



Curated for all levels, Dr. George Kordis will be sharing his artistic process from his studio with techniques that you can apply to your own work. These sessions will offer lively commentary with technique and creativity within contemporary iconography through a particular project.

This class is now being privately recorded and then shared to students on their own  viewing portal as an ON-DEMAND class to allow paced and close-up videos of the entire painting process with specific techniques.  Students will receive approximately 4 – 6 hours of various sessions for a specific subject per month along with valuable photographs AND the privilege of sending your work to Dr. Kordis for feedback twice a month if you wish.

As an independent experience, students can work on their own icon of the same subject and receive progress feedback if they wish, but it is not expected. 

Time: ON DEMAND – 4 to 6 hours per month of pre-recorded segments, with Professor Kordis giving private feedback through email.

Students can choose to take only one month segment at a time and add on months as they go or sign up for the whole three months in advance for a discount.

Cost: 60€/month 

NOTE: It is suggested for students to pair the OPEN STUDIO course with the appropriate level DRAWING CLASS as a complement to form well-rounded learning and optimal artistic growth:


 Your first PayPal invoice will be sent soon after filling out the below form from “Cinnabar PC”, a division of Iconography Today.

For all active students, recurring invoices will be issued monthly until you notify us that you wish to pause

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