Kordis live virtual classes

‘’Creative Iconography 2022’’

Live virtual classes are designed for all levels for beginners up to advanced students, with each month dedicated to a specific icon.

Each week, Dr. George Kordis will be painting and discussing his artistic process with approachable lessons from his studio that you can apply to your own work. These sessions will offer lively discussions with technique and creativity within contemporary iconography and continue from month to month through various icon projects.

The class is currently hosted through Zoom to best allow student interaction and close-up live video of the painting process through two different cameras.

After each lesson, a link will be sent (with no limited date expiration) with that week’s recorded lesson along with valuable screenshots to assist in your progress as you work on your own icon at home.

Each session is independent and you can follow along in the next session even if you miss the previous one. While live attendance is not mandatory, it is encouraged to maximize understanding with ease of questions and answers, and to help with general creative growth. It is also an additional benefit to the virtual live classes to share real time with one another, although the Professor understands it is not always possible. Most students have found it valuable to simply watch the Professor and ask questions during the live class and do their work independently in between sessions.

Along with the course content, students have the additional class privilege to send a photo to the Professor for basic corrections and feedback week to week during a session if they wish.

Program divided into two parts for each lesson:

Part I. Creating an icon

Part II. Teaching focus with techniques and Q & A

A suggested materials list will be sent after registration.2



The classes will run October through June in monthly independent segments.


October: Sts. Peter & Paul

November: Nativity of the Theotokos

December: Presentation of Jesus in the Temple

January: Baptism of Christ

February: Baptism of Christ

March: Annunciation

April: Crucifixion

May: St. George and the dragon

June: The Conversion of St. Paul

July: To be announced (TBA)

Time: THURSDAYS, 8pm to 10 pm (Athens, Greece) time = 1pm to 3pm Eastern Standard Time (EST) in the U.S.

Duration : 4 lessons per month

Time : 2 to 2.5 hours per lesson

(Recorded so you can watch when you wish

if the time does not fit your schedule)

Price: 120$ per month

Hosted through ZOOM platform



Your first PayPal invoice will be sent soon after filling out the below form from “Cinnabar PC”, a division of Iconography Today.

For all active students, recurring invoices will be issued monthly until you notify us that you wish to pause.

NOTE: A special discount will be applied if you wish to pay in advance for the full set of courses (i.e. Oct. ~ June, with one free month’s discount ($120) applied for a new yearly total of $960).

Registration Form

IF BASED IN U.S.A., please share your state of residence *Required

This is a sign-up for the new live course with George Kordis. All interested students will be billed direct via PayPal through ”Cinnabar PC” company.

Any questions? Please email cinnabar2019@gmail.com

Thank you

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