Kordis live virtual classes

‘’Creative Iconography 2022-23’’

~The academic year runs from October until the end of June~

Icon-Painting Live with George Kordis ~


These Live virtual classes are designed with a choice of different levels from beginners to more advanced students. Within this program, Dr. George Kordis will be sharing his artistic process with approachable lessons from his studio that you can apply to your own work. These sessions will offer lively discussions with technique and creativity within contemporary iconography and continue from month to month through various projects.

The classes are currently hosted through Zoom to best allow student interaction and close-up live video of the painting process and techniques.

After each lesson, a link will be made available with that week’s recorded lesson along with valuable screenshots to assist in your progress as you work at home.

Each session is independent and you can follow along in the next session even if you miss the previous one. While live attendance is not mandatory, it is encouraged to maximize understanding with ease of questions and answers, and to help with general creative growth. It is also an additional benefit to the virtual live classes to share real time with one another, although the Professor understands it is not always possible. Most students have found it valuable to simply watch the Professor and ask questions during the live class and do their work independently in between sessions.

Along with the course content, students have the additional class privilege to send a photo to the Professor for basic corrections and feedback week to week during a session if they wish.  New this Fall, students may also wish to pair the respective painting classes along with the appropriate level drawing classes as a complement to form well-rounded learning and optimal artistic growth.

There are also several options of virtual Icon Painting with George Kordis through previous LIVE pre-recorded segments of icon painting by subject and can be selected through “Independent Workshops”: https://iconographytoday.com/en/anexartita-ergastiria/.

Please also see the Live Virtual Drawing category for more Live class options.


  1. REGISTER FOR 2 LIVE WEEK-DAY CLASSES(excluded the KORDIS OPEN STUDIO) per month and receive as bonus free access to the KORDIS OPEN STUDIO: Creative Iconography class twice a month on Thursdays ($60 value).
  2. REGISTER FOR 3 LIVE WEEK-DAY CLASSES (excluded the KORDIS OPEN STUDIO)  per month and receive as bonus free access to the KORDIS OPEN STUDIO: Creative Iconography class twice a month on Thursdays ($60 value) plus 10% off total. 
  3. PAY FOR A WHOLE YEAR OF LIVE CLASS(ES) IN ADVANCE and get one free month. 

A suggested materials list(s) will be sent after registration.


#1.# ESSENTIAL ICON PAINTING : Egg Tempera Techniques

Students can benefit from these important weekly exercises to strengthen icon painting techniques, which are good practice for all levels to acquire proficiency in brushwork. 

Each month of classes will include two sessions of group corrections to improve learning.

1.5 hours per week held right after weekly drawing class (can be paired).

Time: TUESDAYS, 9 to 10:30pm (Athens, Greece) time = 2 to 3:30pm Eastern Standard (EST) in the US & Canada 

Duration: 4 lessons per month, ongoing throughout the academic year


Begins October 4th

Coursework lessons progressing through the year:

  1. Basic principles of color in Byzantine painting. Applying the layers. Shaping an object. 
  2. Painting  clothes. Red, Purple, Blue, white. 
  3. Painting a Landscape. 
  4. Painting Objects. ( Thrones, books, scrolls, Buildings)
  5. Painting hands and feet. 
  6. Painting a face and the hair of a young saint.. 
  7. Painting a face and hair-beard of an old saint.
  8. Painting of a bust of Theotokos in a  deisis. Drawing, Underpainting, Background. 
  9. Painting of a bust of Theotokos in a  deisis. Clothes. 
  10. Painting of a bust of Theotokos in a  deisis. Face, hands, Inscription. 
  11. Painting of a standing figure. St. Peter the Apostle. Drawing, Underpainting, Background. 
  12. Painting of a standing figure. Saint Peter  the Apostle. Clothes.
  13. Painting of a standing figure. Saint Peter  the Apostle. Face, hair-beard, hands, Inscription. 
  14. Painting Prophet Elias icon. Drawing, underpainting, background.
  15. Painting Prophet Elias icon. Landscape
  16. Painting Prophet Elias icon. Clothes
  17. Painting Prophet Elias icon. Face hair-beard, hands, inscription.


#2.#  KORDIS OPEN STUDIO: Creative Iconography

As a live recorded event, students of all levels can watch, learn and interact with master iconographer George Kordis in his studio with observation and conversation while he works on a series of new original works (Fall 2022 will be the Gospel according to Mark) with experimental painting techniques every other week. Students can follow along to practice skills independently throughout the month and receive progress feedback if they wish. Ongoing throughout the academic year. Recordings will be sent after each session.

Time: EVERY OTHER THURSDAY (twice a month), 9 to 10:30pm (Athens, Greece) time = 2 to 3:30pm Eastern Standard (EST) in the US & Canada 

Duration: 1.5 hour class held 2x per month 


Begins October 13th



 Your first PayPal invoice will be sent soon after filling out the below form from “Cinnabar PC”, a division of Iconography Today.

For all active students, recurring invoices will be issued monthly until you notify us that you wish to pause

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