Live Virtual Drawing

LIVE VIRTUAL DRAWING in the Byzantine System

The academic year runs from SEPTEMBER until the end of MAY – Students are welcome to join at any time into either Beginning (Essential) or Advanced.

Learning good skills in drawing are the essential foundation from which to create beautiful icons. Within all of the courses offered at various skill levels, Professor Kordis explains and reinforces drawing in the Byzantine System, with the goal of helping students to draw independently with confidence and creativity in order to create original icons (not just copies of old icons). Together, detailed explorations of the qualities and culture of lines, analysis of old icons, and various drawing exercises are shared. Students bring their questions and steady practice is the key to growth.
The classes are hosted through Zoom to best allow student interaction with the Professor and close-up live video of the process and techniques as he draws on his I-Pad.  After each lesson, a link will be made available with that week’s recorded lesson along with valuable screenshots to assist in your progress at home.

Each session is independent and you can follow along in the next session even if you miss the previous one. While live attendance is not mandatory, it is encouraged to maximize understanding with ease of questions and answers, and to help with general creative growth. It is also an additional benefit to the virtual live classes to share real time with one another, and do work independently in between the sessions.

As a valuable course benefit, students may send a photo via email to the Professor for basic corrections and feedback week to week if they wish.

NOTE: GEORGE KORDIS SUGGESTS pairing either drawing class along with his OPEN STUDIO painting class as a good complement to form well-rounded learning and optimal artistic growth.

Dr. Kordis’s popular book “Icon as Communion” is a wonderful accompaniment to all of the drawing coursework (although not required). To purchase:

Please see the LIVE Virtual Painting category in the drop-down menu for the KORDIS OPEN STUDIO option or visit here:

Welcoming the beginning student or those who wish to reinforce essential drawing skills, this foundational course will follow weekly lessons in a variety of practical lessons to include:
  1. Drawing Heads. ( a. Dynamic frontally, 3/4 heads).
  2. Hands, Feet,
  3. Garments,
  4. The standing figure.
  5. The seated figure,
  6. Moving figures
Throughout the lessons, students will strengthen their overall drawing skills, learn familiarity with the Byzantine system, and gain their own readiness to compose more complex subjects and small compositions.

Students will submit their drawings online, with corrections and critique individually via email with Professor Kordis.

Time: THURSDAYS, 8 to 9pm (Athens, Greece) time = 1 to 2pm Eastern Standard (EST) in the US & Canada, every other week – usually the first and third Thursdays of each month.

Duration: 2 lessons per month (2 hours total) plus private online corrections via email

Cost: €50.00/month

Coursework lessons progressing through the year:
  1. Basic principles of the Byzantine painting system. Qualities of line. Letters as composition. Exercises on rhythm.
  2. Frontal faces. Structure. Sample exercises
  3. 3/4  Faces. Structure. Sample exercises
  4. Garments. Structure. Sample exercises
  5. Hands, feet, gestures, Items ( Books, chairs etc.) Landscapes. Structure.
  6. Measurements of Human figure. Structure. Sample exercises. Busts of saints.
  7. Full standing figures. Structure. Sample exercises
  8. Seated Figures. Structure. Sample exercises
  9. Figures in motion. Structure. Sample exercises
  10. Techniques of drawing. (shading). Sample exercises
  11. Drawing a theme with various shading
  12. Drawing a small Composition with shading
  13. Other lessons as needed



Structured as a natural continuation of the DRAWING ESSENTIALS course, Professor Kordis will teach composition in the framework of the Byzantine tradition with theory based on analysis of old icons with the emphasis on the composition of larger and more complex icon subjects.

A creative compositional approach will be shared with emphasis on overall harmony and rhythm of the forms in unison with the specific subject.  The communal nature of the discussions have valuable benefits in this supportive and highly creative course where your own voice as a creative artist and iconographer is encouraged and developed.

Students will submit their drawings online, with corrections and critique individually via email with Professor Kordis.

Time: THURSDAYS, 9 to 10pm (Athens, Greece) time = 2 to 3pm Eastern Standard (EST) in the US & Canada, every other week – the first and third Thursdays of each month.

Duration: 2 lessons per month (2 hours total) plus private online corrections via email.

Cost: €50.00/month

Coursework lessons progressing through the year (new subjects being updated for Fall):

  1. Theotokos icon with Christ. Structure. Samples
  2. Annunciation Icon. Structure. Samples
  3. Saint John and his disciple Prohoros, Structure. Samples
  4. Prophet Elias . Structure. Samples
  5. Nativity of Christ. Structure. Samples
  6. Christ and the Samaritan woman.  Structure. Samples
  7. The Sacrifice of Abraham. Structure. Samples
  8. Hospitality of Abraham. Holy trinity. Structure. Samples
  9. The Healing of a blind man. Structure. Samples
  10. Betrayal of Judas. Structure. Samples
  11. Crucifixion . Structure. Samples
  12. The Empty Tomb. Anastasis. Structure. Samples
  13. The infidelity of Saint Thomas. Structure. Samples
  14. Other lessons as needed


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